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  • ONE OF A KIND – Award Winning Bourbon, Rye, Wheat or Single Malt Whiskey Products
  • ONE OF A KIND – World Class Branding & Market Research Services
  • ONE OF A KIND – Marketplace Exclusives or Limited Time Offerings

Brain Brew Custom Spirits is a new type of whiskey collaboration partner inspired by whiskey pioneer Edmund Dexter.  In the mid 1800’s he and his sons crafted unique products for commercial customers around the world from Cincinnati Ohio USA – when it was the #1 whiskey marketplace in the world.

WoodCraft® Finishing Delivers Higher Quality, Faster Delivery and Lower Total Cost

Our ability to deliver Quality, Speed and Lower Cost is because of our advanced research and development of how to optimize the maturation process of whiskey, wood, heating and cooling that is the source of 70% of the flavor and 100% of the color of ultra premium whiskey.

3 Levels of One Of A Kind PRODUCT Customization

LEVEL 1 – Fast & Fantastic Bourbon Flavor Customization

LEVEL 2 – Marketplace Exclusive Mashbill & WoodBill®

LEVEL 3 – 100% Original One of a Kind WoodBills & Packaging

LEVEL 1 – Fast & Fantastic Bourbon Flavor Customization

We walk you through a tasting experience where you blend from a pallet of six 92 point+ Bourbons to craft your own ONE OF A KIND Bourbon. We can even teach you the art of blending as needed from our 30+ years of experience working with some of the most prestigious whiskey brands in the world.

We can produce your custom Bourbon / Whiskey as a single barrel, commercial totes or pallets of packaged finished product.

 LEVEL 2 – Marketplace Exclusive Mash Bill & Wood Bill®

We transform your product vision into meaningfully unique product experiences.

Level two products are created from our library of unique woods and spirits.

Whiskey options include: Bourbons of varying mash bills, Ryes, Wheat and Single Malt Whiskey.

A Few of the 24 Variations We Work With

We can produce your custom Bourbon / Whiskey as a single barrel, commercial totes or pallets of packaged finished product.

LEVEL 3 – 100% Original One of a Kind Wood Bills & Packaging

Level 3 customizations involve development and refinement of artisan sourcing and production.

It can involve 100% Original Woods … Local Oak, Historic Oak, Heritage Woods.

It can involve one of a kind packaging if you desire as well.

We can produce your custom Bourbon / Whiskey as a single barrel, commercial totes or pallets of packaged finished product.


Eureka! Ranch Legendary Branding & Market Research Services

In partnership with our sister company Eureka! Ranch, we have created and quantitatively tested more whiskey brand concepts and products than any company or consultancy on earth.

We can create compelling brands and validate their appeal faster and at much lower cost.

EUREKA! Inventing System – Three Step Process

  1. Immersion:  We understand your dreams and aspirations for your new brand or new line extensions.  We do a deep dive into your history and capabilities.
  2. Eureka! Session: We gather with a team of 3 to 12 from your company with our team for 2 days at your place or our Eureka! Ranch / Brain Brew Distillery.  We use our Stimulus Response system to spark create hundreds of idea starters during the morning of day one. In the afternoon the ideas are assembled into complete brand concepts: Brand Name, Package Design & Product Prototype.  In the evening we field quantitative research on-line plus as appropriate lead an InterAct session with consumers.
  3. PDSA Optimization Cycles: Day two begins a process of rapid Plan, Do, Study, Act cycles of optimization of the best ideas.  The first few cycles are done working together in person.  These often continue for a week or two following the session till completion.   The process involves everything from trademark searches, to package designs, to product prototypes to pricing and sales forecasting.

To learn more about the Eureka! Ranch capabilities visit www.EurekaRanch.com

Available for Purchase and/or Licensing

Exclusive Rights & Whiskey Trademarks

Exclusive Rights are are available for Purchase and/or LIcensing:

1.  WoodCraft Finishing 

2.  WoodCraft Nature Made Flavors

3.  WoodCraft Smoked

4.  WoodCraft Custom Spirit Experiences

The 51 Countries where we have or expect to have Strong IP / Patent Protection:

Whiskey Trademarks Available for Purchase / Licensing

PEDIGREE: Eureka! Ranch & Brain Brew Custom Spirits

          • #1 Innovation Team in the world – over $20 billion in active and quantified innovation projects.
          • Doug Hall – Eureka! Founder & Brain Brew Co-Founder holds a Procter & Gamble record of taking 9 products to market in 12 months.
          • Average US home uses 18 products or services invented or reinvented by Doug’s Eureka! Ranch team.
          • “Doug Hall is America’s Top New Product Idea Man.” Inc Magazine
          • “Eureka! Ranch goes to any length to encourage a fresh perspective, clients say it works.” Wall Street Journal
          • When Doug meets Disney, creativity ne’er wanes. Our team explodes when he jump-starts our brains!                                             Ellen Guidera, VP, The Walt Disney Company
          • “Doug Hall is an eccentric entrepreneur who just might have what we’ve all been looking for, the happy secret to success.”                 Dateline NBC

Books by Doug Hall – Eureka! Ranch Founder & Brain Brew Custom Spirits Co-Founder

The Brain Brew Way of Total Quality Operations 

The Brain Brew Way is 10+ TIMES FASTER & Infinitely More Reliable

Distillery Systems Designed For Customization 

Capacity for 500,000 Physical Cases & Rapid Response Supply Chain

P&G Grade Consumer Research – Decreases Risk & Increases Success

Brain Brew Distillery & Eureka! Ranch Sister Company have Quantitatively Consumer Tested More Spirits than ANYONE in the World!