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DEXTER 1862 Custom Bourbon Blending Machine
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The Deming Institute completed a video Case Study on our Company, our approach and ways of working.

The Dexter Bourbon Company returns Bourbon to it’s roots in the 1800s when Bourbon was crafted by Barrel Blenders and customized for each customer.

Customers would visit one of the dozens of Bourbon merchants in town. Tell them what you liked and they would “barrel blend” the Bourbon to customers taste preference.  This occurred around the world from Cincinnati to Louisville to John Walker in Scotland.  

Edmund Dexter
1800’s Bourbon Blender

The Company is named in honor of the world famous 1800’s Bourbon Blender –  Edmund Dexter.  He was so renowned that Charles Dickens and King Edward VII stayed with him at his home on 4th street in Cincinnati.

In Edmond’s honor, we offer DEXTER Three Wood Straight Bourbon, finished with 200 Year Oak, Maple Wood and Cherry Wood.

We also offer DEXTER 1862 Custom Bourbon, because we believe EVERYONE deserves to have their OWN Bourbon – as Dexter would have crafted in 1862.

The Dexter Bourbon Company was founded by Doug Hall & Joe Girgash.  It is a luxury division of their Brain Brew WHISKeY Company.  The Brain Brew Distillery, which creates Dexter Bourbon, is located at 3849 Edwards Road in Newtown, Ohio, 45244.  It is just east of Cincinnati and 7 miles north of Kentucky.


Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished with

200 Year Oak, Cherry Wood & Maple Wood

In Edumond Dexter’s honor, we offer Dexter Three Wood.  It’s our quest to make a whiskey that has the style & quality that he might have served to Charles Dickens when he visited with him in 1842.

Connoisseurs seem to agree — The Ultimate Spirit Challenge Team gave Dexter Three Wood a rating of 95 points, their highest recommendation, & selected it as “One of the 12 Best Bourbons in the World.

The amazing flavor of Dexter Three Wood is because of the WoodCraft Finishing with three artisan woods.

Cherry Wood

Fresh & Bright Flavor

Maple Wood

Incredible Smoothness

Vintage 200 Year Oak

Delivers a Long & Luxurious Finish

Not located near Cincinnati, Ohio?


Available for purchase and pickup at our Distillery in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Author Charles Dickens was very impressed with his visit to Cincinnati with Edmund Dexter.  He wrote, “Cincinnati is a beautiful city, cheerful, thriving, and animated.  I have not often seen a place that commends itself so favorably and pleasantly to a stranger at the first glance as this does.”

Our favorite way to drink Dexter is over ice.  However, the Charles Dickens Bourbon Smash that he described to his fellow author Washington Irving, is also amazing.  Here’s a contemporary version of it.

Author Charles Dickens visited with Edmund Dexter in 1842.

Dexter Three Wood Signature Cocktails

Dexter is most often drank neat or over ice.  That said, it also makes for luxurious cocktails.  Here are a couple of our favorites.

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Charles Dickens Bourbon Smash

In 1842, Charles Dickens visited Edmund Dexter at his home in Cincinnati.  While there, he enjoyed a cocktail that he loved so much he sent it to fellow writer, Washington Irving.  The drink is a cross between a mint julep and a sour.

     2 oz Dexter Three Wood Bourbon

     1/2 oz Orange Juice

     1/2 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

     5 Mint Leaves

     1/2 oz Simple Syrup

Add ingredients into a shaker and shake for 12 seconds.  Serve in a chilled coup glass or in an old fashioned glass with fresh ice.


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Prince of Wales Cocktail

In. 1860, the Prince of Wales (future King Edward VII) visited Edmund Dexter at his home in Cincinnati.  During his visit, he is thought to have ceated his signature cocktail.

     2 oz Dexter Three Wood Bourbon

     1 tsp. Simple Syrup

     1/2 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

     1 tsp. Pineapple Juice

     1/2 tsp. Maraschino liquor

     Champagne to top (or 7-Up/Sprite)

     Lemon Twist to garnish

Add ingredients into a shaker and shake for 12 seconds.  Serve in a chilled coup glass or in an old fashioned glass with fresh ice.

Special Limited Edition Small Batch Releases

The success of DEXTER Three Wood Bourbon is legendary.  All whiskies are made from grain.  The Dexter Great Grains Collection celebrates the four most popular whiskey grains – classic Dexter Three Wood Bourbon celebrates corn.  And we LOVE IT!

This year we were happy to produce three special Limited Editions Small Batch Releases for Wheat, Rye and Barley.   This unique collection brings the WOW quality of DEXTER Three Wood to the other grains.

DEXTER Small Batch Wheat  

One of the Three best Wheat Whiskies.

This WHEAT is the Pinot Noir of whiskey. The taste is DELICATE YET COMPLEX, with a flavor that is captivating.

Currently Sold Out

DEXTER Small Batch Rye

One of the Five best Rye Whiskies.  

This RYE will make you love rye whiskey. Its taste is BIG, BOLD, and COMLEX, but without harshness.

Currently Sold Out


DEXTER Small Batch Single Malt 

One of the Twelve Best American Single Malts.

The Sherry cast notes come through immediately with this Single Malt.  The silken texture is intertwined with rich baking Spice notes, Plantain, Brown Sugar Oats and Wheat Crackers. 

See what Bourbon Thought Leaders are saying about Dexter Bourbon

“This whiskey has one of the best … the really strongest pleasant flavors when it first hits the palate… really, really nice.”

“In a Blind Taste Test against Ancient Age & Blantons – Dexter won. Dexter was picked first – way many more times than the others.”

“Thumbs Up.  All Balanced, I like it.
… Mellow on the Finish.”

“That’s solid. WOW that’s silky for sure.

Second sip… very good. It’s good stuff… Well done Gang… Try this one… seek it out!”

“The flavors explode.  Rating: A = All in all a really friendly & approachable whiskey that has a nice portfolio of woods.”

“An intriguing offering. An ultra-smooth mouthfeel & long, lingering finish.”

“Dexter is a gorgeous bottle of rock-solid, All-American, all Bourbon crafted Whiskey, a slam-dunk bargain.”

“Rating: Stands Out! I really dig the mouthfeel!”