Brain Brew Custom Whiskey was founded on a LOVE of all WHISKeY – in cocktails, neat and on the rocks. Named “Brain Brew” to remind us to keep thinking – smarter, faster and more innovatively.

Just 18 months after Brain Brew was created, our Bourbons won 2 of 8 Double Gold medals at the North American Bourbon Championship. As we celebrated, we talked about how much fun it was customizing our Bourbons to our taste preference.

A simple idea was born … To Enable EVERYONE to Create Their OWN Custom Bourbon. 


The 1800’s  were the Golden Age of Custom Bourbon

Bourbon went from being a Do-It-Yourself farm product to being a commercial business. As a consumer, you would visit one of the dozens of Bourbon merchants in your town. You would tell them what you liked and they would “barrel blend” your Bourbon to your taste preference. This occurred around the world from Cincinnati to Louisville to John Walker in Scotland.

Today we are celebrating the custom age of Bourbon. We are returning it to it’s origin by recreating the approach of an 1800’s Bourbon merchant. With this process, we are

Returning Bourbon to It’s Roots

Of the People – By the People – For the People


Attend a Custom Bourbon Experience

  • Learn … The history of Bourbon blending
  • Taste … Our 6 – 92+ point award winning single wood Bourbons
  • Create Your Custom Bourbon … Blend a bourbon to your taste
  • Enjoy at Home … Purchase your custom bottle and name it to enjoy with friends & family

Register now to attend an Experience at our Brain Brew Bottle Shop in Newtown, Ohio. 

Interested in a private event at our Brain Brew Bottle Shop OR at your home / unique location?  Please contact us to discuss and schedule.

Access our WoodCraft® Bourbon Wizard® 

This one-of-a-kind Bourbon Intelligence system enables you to identify your custom Bourbon recipe.

  • Access the Wizard®
  • Answer 13 questions based on your taste preferences
  • Receive your Custom Bourbon recipe
  • Order your own bottle to enjoy at home

Currently only available for pickup at our Brain Brew Bottle Shop in Newtown, Ohio.

Rent a Brain Brew Bourbon Blender Machine

Allow guests to enjoy custom Bourbon by the glass and bottle.

  • Taste your personal Bourbon by scanning your personal recipe
  • Expand your Bar/Restaurant offerings with the Brain Brew Bourbon Blender machine and enable all of your customers to have their custom bourbon by the glass
  • Hosting an event?  Provide a unique guest experience with this machine. Enable your guests to drink their personal Bourbon by the glass

Contact us to discuss your event needs and determine availablity.