WHISKeY Of the People, For the People, By the People!

The Brain Brew Distillery at the Eureka! Ranch are manufacturing and donating hand sanitizer to front line health and food providers across the Cincinnati Community.

(100% of all donations will used to buy more raw materials so we can make more and give more away.)

SORRY – we are out of stock of hand sanitizer.

We have ordered materials for producing and giving away 8,000 more liters of hand sanitizer.

Health & Food Service Organizations CLICK HERE to be notified when we are back in stock

At Brain Brew our purpose is to enable everyone to have their very own personal bourbon whiskey.  While custom bourbon by the bottle may sound like a new thing – in truth it’s a return to how Whiskey was purchased in Cincinnati prior to prohibition.  At the turn of the century before last – you would have visited one of the 75 whiskey makers in the city to barrel blend your custom bourbon whiskey.  

 To enable custom whiskey we invented WoodCraft™ Finishing.  It’s an revolutionary new method for crafting super premium bourbon flavor and smoothness.  In simple terms we use high precision cycles of heating and cooling to create one of a kind custom bourbons.  We focus on wood because 70% of the flavor and 100% of the smoothness of great bourbon comes from the wood. 

Our distillery is located at the Eureka! Ranch in Newtown Ohio just 6 miles north of Kentucky and a few miles east of Cincinnati Ohio.