Our foundation

At Brain Brew our mission is to enable everyone to have their very own personal bourbon whiskey. For over 40 years our founder, Doug Hall, has helped companies around the world invent breakthrough ideas with our sister company, Eureka! Ranch. 

During that time, Eureka! Ranch partnered with Edrington, distiller of brands like The Macallan, Highland Park, Famous Grouse and Brugal Rum, to assist in innovation. It was at Edrington that we first learned that 70% of the flavor and 100% of the smoothness of a super-premium whiskey comes from the wood.

With these foundations in mind, Brain Brew invented WoodCraft™ Finishing to enable custom whiskey.  It’s a revolutionary new method for crafting super premium bourbon flavor and smoothness.  

Origins of Innovation

our process

Experts will tell you that 70% of the flavor of super premium bourbon whiskey comes from the iteration of the wood with the spirit. 

WoodCraft™ Finishing is an all natural process that replicates the heating and cooling that occurs when whiskey is aged in wood barrels. During the summer as temperatures rise the Whiskey goes into the wood.  During the winter as it cools the Whiskey comes out of the wood.

Our team are experts at sourcing and coaxing the unique flavors from unique woods. Importantly – we use reclaimed wood from old barrels, etc. that we bring back to life – as much as possible so to save trees.

Our Purpose

To return bourbon to its roots of being of the people, by the people and for the people. 

OUR mindset 

During the process of creating WoodCraft™ Finishing, we failed a lot. But with changing the mindset of failing we learned a lot! Check out our video describing our mindset for innovation.


Watch the video below to learn more about our products and experiences. 


Our team is very proud of the awards we have received. That said, we are even more proud of the awards that those who create a custom bourbon win. 

  • Two of eight Double Golds at the North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition
  • TWO TIMES – UNANIMOUS CHOICE DOUBLE GOLD – San Francisco World Spirits Competition – this is one of the most prestigious of competitions.
  • Winner of Dozens of other Gold & Silver Medals across competitions
  • 95, 94, 93 Ratings – Ultimate Spirits Challenge. Plus, awards for BEST VALUE.

    WSC Gold Winner



    The review we are most proud of is our 5 Star Review by F. Paul Pacult of Spirit Journal. 

    5 Star Review – Noble Oak Trinity Reserve

    EVALUATOR: Paul Pacult Review

    LOCATION: Spirit Journal offices, Wallkill, NY

    EVALUATION DATE/TIME: Monday, February 10, 2020

    Entry: Flavor profile in the early stage mirrors the aromatic assessment in terms of the bittersweet, maple sugar-like, caramel, bacon fat, and confectionery-driven delicious.

    Mid palate: Flavors here accentuate all the virtues found in the entry stage, adding a plush, creamy texture that underpins the egg cream-like taste profile.

    Texture: Medium to full weighted; satiny, viscous.

    Finish: Echoes the lush nature of the vanilla bean-like mid palate in particular as the flavor lasts deep into the aftertaste

    OVERALL – Noble Oak TRINITY: Top to bottom, consistent brilliance and on-message character from first whiff through to the finish. No surprises, no changes in direction, just solid, high quality excellence.


    If it were mine here’s what I would do: Bottle it; sell the daylights out of it.

    “94% of the Problem is the System and 6% is the Worker” – Dr. W. Edwards Deming

    Dr. Deming’s methods on how to ignite never-ending, continuous improvement is the secret to our success.  It’s also what our sister company The Eureka! Ranch teaches.

    The photos below celebrate our team’s journey:

    Yes – we actually started in the Garage at the Eureka! Ranch.  Today this is where all WoodCraft™ Finishing is done.

    Our Bottling Barn opened April 2020.  We are making hand sanitizer in it – until our automated bottling line arrives from Italy.

    The Great Room at our Eureka! Ranch tasting room.  It’s where we conducted live Bourbon Blending experiences before COVID-19 closures in Ohio.

    Roughly half of our team enjoying cocktails at our Bar in our tasting room.

    Our founder and CEO, Doug Hall, teaching Bourbon Blending

    The Planet Eureka! Foundation

    The Planet Eureka! Foundation leads community outreach for Brain Brew and Eureka! Ranch. Explore all of the initiatives that the foundation spearheads to support our community. 

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