About Us

WHISKeY. Of the People. By the People. For the People.

The Foundation: For over 40 years founder of the Eureka! Ranch team has helped companies around the world invent breakthrough ideas.

For over 20 years, we’ve helped Edrington in Scotland – distiller of brands like The Macallan, Highland Park, Famous Grouse, and Brugal Rum.   It was at Edrington that I first learned that 70% of the flavor and 100% of the smoothness of a super-premium whiskey comes from the wood.    

Curiosity:  Four years ago, my curiosity about the impact of wood on whiskey got the best of me.  Working with Joe Girgash, Bruce Forsee and Dr. James Beupre of the University of Maine we lots of experiments. Bruce Forsee describes the process well in the video below.

Within 18 months our whiskies were so good they won top awards in some fo the world’s most prestigious competitions. 

  • Two of eight Double Golds at the North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition
  • UNANIMOUS CHOICE DOUBLE GOLD – San Francisco World Spirits Competition – this is one of the most prestigious of competitions.
  • 95, 94, 93 Ratings – Ultimate Spirits Challenge. Plus awards for BEST VALUE.

WoodCraft Finishing: We named the process WoodCraft™ Finishing.  It’s a high precision process that replicates the heating and cooling the occurs when Whiskey is aged in wood.  During the summer as temperatures rise the Whiskey goes into the wood.  During the winter as it cools the Whiskey comes out of the wood bringing with it the all-important lignin that make Whiskey taste amazing.

House Style: Our house style for bourbons and Whiskeys is rich complexity of flavor with the clean smoothness of super-premium Whiskeys.  Free from the boundaries of the barrel, we can harness the flavor from different wood species and wood ages.  The result is the widest range of flavors in the history of  whiskey.

Noble Oak – Double Oak Bourbon. Just as the Eureka! Ranch has over 50 collaboration partners around the world – so too Brain Brew is about collaboration.  We partner with craft distilleries, retailers, bar owners, and multi-national corporations.   Our first and most important collaboration is with  Edrington of Scotland.  Working with the Edrington experts we crafted Noble Oak – a Double Oak Bourbon – aged first in classic wood barrels then WoodCraft finished using the prestigious Spanish Sherry Oak.  Today – Noble Oak is in 40 of the 50 states across the USA.  You can find a store near you by  CLICKING HERE.

Brain Brew UK.  During 2019 we partnered with Bob Morrison and John Muldoon to bring WoodCraft Finishing to the UK marketplace.  Our UK Distillery is located at the Windsor & Eton Brewery just outside of London.   Amazingly – while Bourbon is a product of the USA – in the EU – USA rules for Bourbon are overruled – thus in the UK the same product that is a whiskey or bourbon in the USA has to be called a WoodCraft Spirit.  No matter what you call them the taste is amazing!


Doug Hall

Founder:  Eureka! Ranch & Brain Brew Custom WHISKeY