WoodCraft Bourbon Blender Franchise 

A WoodCraft Bourbon Blender franchise is a low investment high return way to: 1) Grow Your brand, 2) Grow Your Profitability and 3) Grow the Value of your Distillery / Brewery / Winery.  

GROW YOUR BRAND:  Your Brand grows as all products carry YOUR BRAND NAME.  WoodCraft is in small print on the back of the label. 

GROW YOUR PROFITABILITY:   WoodCraft technologies enable a collection of high profit margin consumer experiences.  These include – Custom Bourbon, Custom Cocktails, Home Party Kits, Distillery and Internet Enabled Experiences. 

GROW THE VALUE OF YOUR DISTILLERY / BREWERY /WINERY:  WoodCraft Franchises are EXCLUSIVE for your marketplace.  Owning the exclusive rights to Custom Bourbon and Cocktails increases the valuation of your business. 


Returning Bourbon to its Roots 

Of the People – By the People – For the People

The 1800s where the golden age of custom bourbon and custom cocktails. It was the time when instead of buying “brands” consumers would take their jug to one of dozens of local “barrel blenders” who would mix from the various barrels of whiskey they had to the consumers taste preference.  

Jerry Thomas Bartender

In 1862, Professor Jerry Thomas published the first book on individual cocktails. In his advice to bartenders he encouraged them to customize the cocktails to customers preferences. 

WoodCraft operational systems, business models and technologies bring the excitement of 1800s custom bourbon to today. It makes it cost effective to sell consumers their personal bourbon – blended to their specifications and with their name on it. 

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Special franchise packages

NEW DISTILLERIES – We offer franchise packages for helping those who wish to create a new distillery.  They dramatically decrease the investment required – while improving profitability. 

EXISTING DISTILLERIES – We offer packages that help existing distilleries grow their profitability by selling higher margin experiences and made to order bourbon. 

BREWERIES & WINERIES – For a fraction of the cost – and with just 150 square feet Craft Breweries and Wineries can become part of the fast growing bourbon business.  As with distilleries they can also grow the profitability of their business and its value. 

Custom Bourbon Experiences Sold Out

The franchise package includes everything you need to offer high profit margin experiences and made to order custom bourbon to your customers.

  • Business Systems – documented and proven systems for how to cost efficiently deliver and sell custom bourbon as was done in the 1800s.
  • Proprietary Equipment – You get the special bourbon blending machine that creates a custom bourbon by the glass in seconds and a bottle in under a minute.  You also get the remarkable bourbon blending ladles and system that makes it easy for everyone to create their own personal bourbon.
  • Custom Bourbon & Cocktail Experiences – You get the presentation, presenter notes and materials for running high profit margin Custom Bourbon and Custom Cocktail experiences.
  • 90 point+ Blending Bourbons – We supply your customized set of 6 WoodCraft Finished Bourbons – American Oak, European Oak, 200 Year Oak, Maple Wood, Cherry Wood and Smoked Oak.
Private Stock Bottles

FREE SAMPLE of One of the Three Custom Bourbon Offerings

WoodCraft Custom Bourbon is offered three ways: 1) Distillery Experiences, 2) Home Party Kits and 3) Bourbon Wizard.   Bourbon Wizard is an artificial intelligence app. 

The Bourbon Wizard is simple – consumers answer 13 questions and in seconds they have a custom bourbon recipe, tasting notes and customized cocktails.   Then with a quick scan our Bourbon Blending machine pours them a sample in seconds or a bottle in under a minute.   

To test out the Bourbon Wizard – answer the questions below. 

Custom Bourbon Wizard
How much do you like a SMOKED taste in whiskey or foods?
~ Tasting Tips ~
When we talk about smoke, we're talking about barbecue smoke rather than a camp fire. Imagine the smell of ribs or brisket over cherry or apple wood. Think about the sweet tanginess of barbecue and the nice, heavy smoked flavor.
Would you like your custom whiskey to...
~ Tasting Tips ~
When we think of CLEAN, we're thinking "easy to drink and pleasant on the palate." When we think of COMPLEX, we’re talking about a lot of different flavors working together to create a great taste. Our process aims to create a complexity of flavors that is easy and enjoyable to drink.
Would you like your custom whiskey to have...
Would you prefer that your custom whiskey...
~ Tasting Tips ~
For aftertaste, a short aftertaste is something that doesn't linger in your mouth very long. You taste it, you get a feel for it, and then it fades quickly. A long aftertaste is when we have the whiskey coating the palate and hanging out a little longer, allowing you to taste more flavors. The flavors that are probably going to include oak, woodiness, char, dark spices, and vanilla.
Would you prefer that your custom whiskey has a...
~ Tasting Tips ~
Mellow in this case refers to a whiskey that is going to be soft, supple, and gentle on the palate. LOW Burn and LOW Bite.
Would you like your custom whiskey to be optimized for drinking...
~ Tasting Tips ~
When crafting your whiskey, here's what I want you to think about... Are you going to enjoy it on the rocks, neat, or in a cocktail? If you can answer these questions it will lead you to making the perfect whiskey.
Would you like your custom whiskey to have an OAKY FLAVOR?
~ Tasting Tips ~
An oaky flavor is obviously going to be a bit woody, though not necessarily good or bad depending on your preference. As with certain wines, oak will help impart certain tannic qualities such as mouthfeel, slight dryness, and a little bit of bitterness.
Would you like your custom whiskey to have a VANILLA FLAVOR?
~ Tasting Tips ~
Vanilla gives hints of the vanilla flavor and perception of smoothness.
Would you like your custom whiskey to have a DARK SPICE FLAVOR?
~ Tasting Tips ~
Dark spice is about warming flavors, like a great spiced apple cider, cardamon, pumpkin spice, nutmeg and other soft fall spices.
Would you prefer your custom whiskey to be...
~ Tasting Tips ~
By traditional bourbon flavors, what we mean is do you prefer flavors like vanilla, caramel, burnt sugar, light oak, and char.
If you were to drink a cocktail & had to make a choice which would you pick?
How often if ever do you drink whiskey of any kind - bourbon, scotch, rye or American whiskey?
How often if ever do you drink cocktails of any kind?

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WoodCraft Bourbon Blender

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