Why a WoodCraft® Bourbon Blender Franchise?

  1. Join a very exclusive team – we’re the only one in the market. This unique franchise experience enables high profit margins and a profitable business model.     
  2. Supply chain access to 92+ point (Ultimate Spirits  Challenge) guarantees you are selling world class custom Bourbons.
  3. Market exclusivity – Owning the exclusive rights to Custom Bourbon and Cocktails  in your area provides an opportunity to increase the valuation of your business.

   The Bourbon Market is Solid and Strong

    1. Leverage the incredible growth in the Bourbon industry, which has doubled over the past ten years
    2. Intensity of interest in “meaningful unique experiences”
    3. Consumer passion for “made to order” customized products

Brain Brew® Bourbon Blender Machine allow guests to enjoy custom Bourbon by the glass and bottle

The 1800’s were the golden age when Bourbon and cocktails were first commercialized. Interestingly, originally there were no pre-packaged brands of whiskey. Instead  consumers would visit a local whiskey merchant that would “barrel blend” it to the customer’s taste preferences. This went on around the world.

In Cincinnati, there were over over 100 barrel blenders. In Scotland, grocer John Walker would become famous with his Johnnie Walker blend. In 1862, Professor Jerry Thomas “invented” cocktails with the publication of his book – the first ever on cocktails.

WoodCraft Bourbon Blender franchisees bring back the excitement of the 1800’s custom Bourbon experience. Advanced systems, products and technology make it possible to offer consumers their personal Bourbon – with their brand name on it.

WoodCraft® Bourbon Blender Franchise in Louisville, Kentucky, on “Whiskey Row.”  Each franchise has it’s own name.  Identified as “A WoodCraft® Bourbon Blender”

“Custom Bourbon” Experiences engage customers and drive profits

UNIQUE Benefits of a WoodCraft® Bourbon Blender Franchise

    1. Your Distillery carries your LOCAL Brand Name – that you choose.
    2. You sell Experiences with high profit margins.
    3. You can have a “small” space and grow with remote events.
    4. Recent law changes for “Craft” distillers improve your profitability. The WoodCraft Bourbon Blender franchise package includes everything you need to create your own custom Bourbon distillery.
    5. Custom Bourbon Business Model – an innovative set of offerings and operational systems that create a meaningfully unique consumer  experience.
    6. 92 point+ Blending Bourbons – Authorized suppliers provide you with customized WoodCraft Finished Bourbons – 200 Year Oak, American Oak, European Oak, 200 Year Oak, Maple Wood, Cherry Wood and Smoked Oak.
    7. Marketing & Sales Systems – We offer marketing and promotion programs to build brand awareness, reach current and future customers.  We continuously provide new ideas for marketing programs and training to help drive an increase in sales. Sales systems provided include customized website and point-of-sale systems. 
    8. Proprietary Systems & Equipment – The WoodCraft Bourbon Blender machines enable custom Bourbon by the glass in seconds and a bottle in under a minute.   Consumers are “wowed” by the Classic 45 minute Custom Bourbon Experience and the 5 minute WoodCraft Bourbon Wizard app that customizes the Bourbon to their taste.

Additional Details

  • Small Space & Flexibility:  This can be executed in as little as 2,500 square feet of space. Private Events, sales to bars, restaurants and liquor stores can drive additional revenue.  Franchise locations can be a free standing unit or designed into an existing attraction, restaurant or bar.
  • Lower Capital Needs: A classic Bourbon distillery with all the equipment and space needed to distill, barrel, age for 4 to 6 years and bottle is very capital intensive. 

   A WoodCraft Bourbon Blender franchise:

    • Location cost is about 5 – 10% of the cost of a classic distillery.  The biggest variable is the build out cost for the space.
    • Leverages our Team’s expertise to easily work through the varied legal and regulatory requirements.   We provide training and coaching on – branding, operations, marketing and sales systems, bar operations, etc.
    • We even include a Eureka! Session to help you invent your “brand,” if you wish.

Interested in learning more about growing your profits with a WoodCraft® Bourbon Blender Franchise? 

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Terms & Conditions:  This is not a Franchise Offering.  A franchise offering can and will only be offered and delivered by us in a state that we are first registered, filed, excluded, exempted or otherwise qualified to offer franchises in that state in compliance with the laws.  And only if we provide you with an appropriate franchise disclosure document for the state.  Follow-up or individualized responses to you that involve either effecting or attempting to effect the sale of a franchise will be made only if we are first in compliance with a state’s requirements.