Custom Bourbon Home Party Kit


The WoodCraft Custom Bourbon Home Party Kit teaches up to four people whiskey history and takes participants on a journey through creating their personal bourbon recipes from the comfort of their home! The kit includes all supplies needed to do the experience and an interactive video that makes the process fun for bourbon lovers and bourbon curious!


The WoodCraft Custom Bourbon Home Party Kit includes all materials needed for four people to learn whiskey history, taste six award-winning bourbons and create their personal bourbon recipes in a one hour experience! 

First, participants will set up their individual bourbon blending mats with the provided materials. Next, the group will set up the experience interactive video for all participants to see. Finally, the group will review the experience agenda and play the experience video to embark on a journey to create their custom bourbon recipes!

During this home experience, participants will taste all six bourbons and create five to ten recipes of their choosing! At the end of the experience, participants can choose to create “Inspired By” recipes, challenge each other to determine who has the best recipe or explore options for buying a bottle of their created recipe. 


    Each bourbon kit includes all materials for four people to enjoy the full experience:

    1. Six 200ml Award-Winning Bourbons 
    2. Four Bourbon Blending Tasting Mats 
    3. Four Experience Tasting Journals 
    4. Four Sets of Tasting Ladles
    5. Four Sets of Measuring & Mixing Cups 
    6. Access to the Interactive Experience Video



    Dexter 3 wood is fabulous…and thoroughly enjoyed the bourbon blending experience…great fun for $35 👍👍🥃
    R Yoder (.
    00:47 19 Mar 23
    This is such a unique experience! Get to make your own bottle of bourbon based on what you like! The barn is full of wonderful one of a kind pieces and Knick knacks to explore. This is such a good deal for only $35 to taste 6 nationally ranked bourbons, make your own custom flavor and try and 3 tier whiskey or cocktail flight. $45 to order a custom bottle and it gets made right in front of you. The best part is trying to name your new flavor. This is a great family owned business to support.
    Marissa C.
    06:07 05 Feb 23
    The price was awesome, the lesson was great, the presenter was funny and informative. We had a great time.
    Chris M.
    22:46 31 Jan 23
    Interesting, fun, great whiskey!
    Kelly Baldwin L.
    20:30 07 Jan 23
    Watching my son and spouse blend their custom bourbon has been fascinating. Such fun watching them create… and evaluate their creations. Great experience.

    Shout out to the EXCELLENT BBCW host.
    Katrina Stipe B.
    23:07 14 Oct 22
    We had a great experience. Might possibly have found my new favorite brand of bourbon! I love high end expensive bourbons, and this place goes head to head with the big brand names for a much better value. Most importantly, my wife only drinks seltzers, and this experience converted her to really enjoy whiskey. Big win for me, thank you!!!
    Joe F.
    14:19 23 Jul 22
    So much fun to make our own craft bottle! Great experience!
    Amber P.
    00:37 10 Apr 22
    Had a great experience make my own custom whiskey. Staff was friendly and very helpful.
    David V.
    21:01 01 Apr 22
    went here for our company Christmas party and it was absolutely amazing! the atmosphere and people are great! I'm not a big bourbon fan but I think the fact you can get a custom made bottle is really cool and worth it.
    Chelsea R.
    02:29 10 Dec 21
    Great Experience!!! Highly recommended!!! Great people!!!
    Cayla Beckett A.
    23:36 12 Nov 21
    This place is amazing! A must do!
    Steve C.
    21:39 28 Aug 21
    Great experience! We will be back!
    Debbie Norris B.
    00:03 22 Aug 21
    Best gift ever!!Nephew's 60th Birthday! 1for him and 3 more to share!Everyone loved it. Planning a visit to Brain Brew to let everyone experiencethe fun and Whiskey made for each person.Thanks!
    Steph H.
    18:58 29 Jun 21
    We did the online questionnaire to create a custom blend of whiskey. it tastes fantastic. Exactly as described. We are looking forward to do the experience in person!
    Jeanne S.
    22:38 27 Jun 21
    Had an amazing time talking with Doug. Showed us the process and we made a special bourbon to bring home. Their Dexter bourbon is amazing! Took some as gifts out of state and everyone LOVED it! It is my husbands absolute favorite. We will definitely be back soon!
    Jan R.
    20:28 26 Jun 21
    Loved the experience, something totally different from the regular distillery tour and a neat way to craft your own!!
    Garald A.
    19:18 26 Jun 21
    Very cool craft bourbon concept - definitely worth checking out. The bourbon blending experience is novel & very fun and the base bourbon they use in the process is absolutely delicious. Just picked up my bottle of Dexter and it is very tasty.
    Joe P.
    13:53 19 Jun 21
    The Brain Brew experience is one of the best I’ve ever had with whiskey. They not only treat you well from the first step in the door, they tear you like an old friend that they glad came to see them! We are like long customers! Oh did I mention the whiskeys are AMAZING!! I’m of huge fan of Dexter and my wife love Tall Stacks! Go visit, have a sip or take home a tasting package to find out what you like (because you will like some or all of their offerings)!
    Ray L.
    20:48 18 Jun 21
    Love this place ...also Go UMaine!
    Scott S.
    18:35 29 May 21
    My wife and I went to Brain Brew for a sampling on our anniversary. The facility was nice and the drinks were excellent. The process of trying different finishes and combining them to create your own was very interesting. I would recommend giving them a try if you're looking for something unique to celebrate!
    Joseph H.
    01:31 17 May 21
    What an awesome, unique experience!! If you like whiskey this is a “can’t miss!” must-do experience!
    Eric L.
    21:40 15 May 21
    fun, friendly, informative
    Deb M.
    23:35 11 May 21
    It was a great experience
    Joe K.
    22:01 17 Apr 21
    This place is fantastic! They will customize whiskey to your taste. We had an amazing time sampling all the varieties. My favorite is the 200 year old oak and maple wood samples. In the end you walk out with a bottle that’s hand and taste selected by you! Oh yeah- and you get to create your own label and customized name. So cool.
    Corinne G.
    23:15 10 Apr 21
    awesome experience created my own online when I picked up had the pleasure of talking to one of the owners, and learned a lot can't wait to go back and do a tasting with friends.
    James D.
    00:10 06 Apr 21
    This was a very fun and interesting experience. Very intriguing how they create the flavors and it was really an experience blending your own personal taste. Highly recommended.
    Michael D.
    22:49 03 Apr 21
    OM GOODNESS!! I had the experience of my life blending my own custom whiskey, and OH, BOY is it good!! The best whiskey in Cincinnati!!
    Timothy S.
    21:32 21 Mar 21
    I loved being able to "create" my own whiskey. It is mighty tasty, too!
    Wendy Hart B.
    00:50 04 Mar 21
    The testing and blending of the bourbons was so much fun. It was packed with a bit of history too. Very much enjoyed myself and I am not a bourbon drinker. I think whether you drink bourbon or not, this is an exceptional experience to have.
    Barbara B.
    19:29 24 Feb 21
    Had an awesome tome learning more about the entire process. Sitting down and watching the intuitive video while making and sampling your own bourbon was awesome. Great for team building or just a fun night out with friends. Highly recommend and definitely will be back.
    Brian H.
    00:32 21 Feb 21
    I took the survey and was pleasantly surprised that everything I wanted was crafted perfectly. Great job.

    Marc Jutras
    Marc J.
    16:29 29 Jan 21
    If you’re looking for a fun gift for someone or even yourself definitely give their custom bottle a try. Answer thirteen quick questions and they’ll create a whiskey equation made just for you. Bonus! You get to name your bottle too. Flavor profile was great. Bottle was cute. I gifted it to myself because hey it was Christmastime.
    Amanda M.
    22:53 21 Jan 21
    Great experience. I have done many Bourbon tastings with master distillers. All were good. But this one, even when using a video guide, was fun. It was interesting to play with flavors and mix them. Can’t wait to drink the custom crafted bottle. Unlike anything I had done previously.
    Matt S
    14:41 10 Jan 21
    great experience allowing you to personalize your "brew".... and their house brands are great too!
    Theresa Meiser O.
    22:55 26 Dec 20
    What an amazing experience!! Learning more information on blending and the process was very well designed!! I will be back!!
    Rich K.
    11:39 25 Dec 20
    very good experience, teaches you a new way, like distillery masters, on how to custom blend your tasre.
    Jeff B.
    22:45 12 Dec 20
    Great experience! Loved learning about, sampling and creating our bourbon! Highly recommend to any bourbon enthusiasts or first timers. Staff was excellent and atmosphere was inviting!
    Dennis Michael H.
    00:29 22 Nov 20
    Had a great time mixing and creating a personal bourbon blend. Was a wonderful way to spend a couple hours!
    Becky Massie H.
    01:56 11 Oct 20
    They give back to community and are a true hidden gem I. The Queen City
    Tiffany Niehaus E.
    23:25 02 May 20



    64 oz


    13 × 9.5 × 2.875 in

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    WoodCraft Custom Bourbon Home Party Kit box front. 

    Group of four enjoying the custom bourbon home experience. 

    Six award-winning bourbons with a bourbon blending mat.