Charles Dickens Cocktail Experience

From: $35.00

Join us for a Unique ~1 hour Experience where you will be guided to customize to your taste preference – Your BOURBON & Your CHARLES DICKENS COCKTAIL.

December 7th at 6:30pm



Here you will customize to YOUR taste preference - your BOURBON & your COCKTAIL recipe.  Select the date and number of people in your party.  Once you purchase your reservation is booked.  You will receive a reservation confirmation and additional information about the experience. 

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed and taken to a table.  The session leader will guide you through the Experience that is executed in 2 key parts:

  1.  YOU Find YOUR "Bourbon" -  You will Scan QR Code and answer the 13 questions in the WoodCraft Bourbon Wizard and perform a "Bourbon Pick" from a selection of award-winning & quality Bourbons from our Distillery
  2. YOU will Create YOUR "Charles Dickens" Cocktail - You will mix the Bourbons and cocktail items, then taste and repeat.  Do this until you identify YOUR cocktail recipe.

At the end of the session, you will have picked YOUR Bourbon, picked YOUR Sweetness, and picked YOUR flavor & garnish --- You've created YOUR Charles Dickens Cocktail --- YOUR WAY!

The Experience takes about ~1 hour.  After creating your recipe, you will receive an optional Bonus offer ... you can order a bottle of YOUR custom Bourbon and/or your Bourbon Pick.

We look forward to creating YOUR Bourbon & Cocktail with you. Cheers!