The Bourbon Wizard


This one-of-kind Bourbon Intelligence System enables you to create your custom bourbon recipe for free. You will begin by answering 13 questions where you will discover your whiskey preferences and get to virtually taste your custom recipe. Then you have the choice to create your bottle names and order. 


The 60 Second Bourbon Wizard Internet Experience is an awesome way to learn your taste preferences and create your custom bourbon recipe in just a few minutes. First, you answer 13 questions about your drinking preferences. Then, you will have the chance to virtually taste your recipe for free with our tasting notes. Once you discover I recipe that you think you’ll like, you can create your bottle names and order your Private Stock Bourbon!


We enjoyed an evening full of great tasting whiskey and wonderful conversation. Peter and Mackenzie are so very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I learned so much about whiskey in general and their own unique process. Although we didn't take the make your own blend tour, we were able to answer questions online and have the AI blend our perfect whiskey. We decided to stick with the pros, however, and took home a few bottles! Tall Stacks is a three wood smoked bourbon that is complex with a long lasting taste. It's wonderful.Highly recommend the experience if only for the wonderful hospitality.
Steven S.
This place is incredible! My first purchase was from their wizard and it was one of the best bourbons I have ever tasted. My second purchase was for my son and that was the tasting and blending kit for four. It comes in a nice kit with everything you need and the whiskey flavors it comes with are excellent. Fast shipping and awesome customer service. Can't wait to try my next blend.
Marc J.
I took the survey and was pleasantly surprised that everything I wanted was crafted perfectly. Great job.

Marc Jutras
Amanda M.
If you’re looking for a fun gift for someone or even yourself definitely give their custom bottle a try. Answer thirteen quick questions and they’ll create a whiskey equation made just for you. Bonus! You get to name your bottle too. Flavor profile was great. Bottle was cute. I gifted it to myself because hey it was Christmastime.