Florida Custom Bourbon Proof of Purchase Cards

We enable Florida residents to order their personal bourbon through our Proof of Purchase Card system. First, visit one of our Florida Partner Retailers to buy a card. Next, create and save your recipe using the Bourbon Wizard, a Custom Bourbon Kit or during a live event in Florida. Finally, you can add your bottles to the card on our site and type in the Proof of Purchase card number at checkout to complete the purchase. Once complete, your bottle will be ready to pick up at the selected partner retail store with 5-7 business days.


Step 1: Buy Proof of Purchase Card
Step 2: 
  • Option 1: Login to Account & Order Your Recipe
  • Option 2: Create Recipe with the Wizard
Step 3: Add Bottle to Cart & Redeem Proof of Purchase Card at Checkout

Step 4: Receive Email in 5-7 Business Days to Pick Up Bottle at the Liquor Store