200,000 Bourbon Options

Brought to Your Doorstep

The Dexter 1862 Bourbon Blending Machine allows all of your guests to have their personal single barrel by the glass. 

Your guests answer 13 questions and VOILA! – the Wizard crafts YOUR Bourbon YOUR WAY – customizing your personal bourbon to your taste preferences. This incredible tool is powered by the Dexter Bourbon Wizard – an artificial intelligence app created by the experts at the Eureka! Ranch – our sister company.

Your Guests Receive:

  • THEIR PERSONAL RECIPE blended from 3, 4, 5 or 6 Bourbons
  • TASTING NOTES on what their bourbon tastes like.
  • CUSTOM COCKTAIL recipes designed for their bourbon and tastes

Watch this Video to Learn More About How it Works:

Your Guests Will Be in for a Real TREAT!

Our Six Blending Bourbons are all 92 Points or Higher

Eureka! Ranch