Discover the Golden Age of Cocktails

YOU Deserve to have YOUR Cocktails Made to YOUR Taste Preferences

Cocktails were “born” in America in 1862 with the publication of Professor Jerry Thomas’s book The Bon Vivant’s Companion also called How to Mix Drinks. 

He defined in print many of the great cocktails of today – from the Old Fashioned to the Mint Julep.  Most importantly, he also wrote of the importance of customizing each cocktail to the tastes of each individual. As he wrote “The precise portions of spirt and water, or even of acidity and sweetness, can have no general rule, as scarcely two people make cocktails alike.” 

The Custom Cocktail Experience is offered as a Distillery or Home Party Experience.

Custom Cocktail Experience

All you need is this kit and a few fresh ingredients and up to four people will be able to create their custom cocktails. 

Custom Bourbon 750ml


Custom Cocktail Experience

Stay tuned for more information regarding our custom cocktail distillery experience.