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Distillery Custom Cocktail Flights

The delicious way to discover & learn how to make a new cocktail you will love! 

Craft Cocktails are artisan expressions of culinary creativity. At Brain Brew we believe that just like with bourbon – everyone should have their own cocktail.  With our Cocktail Experiences we teach you how to customize your cocktail.

With COCKTAIL FLIGHTS you experience new creations and artisan twists on classics.   Our goal is to delight your senses.  Our hope is that you find a cocktail that becomes part of your regular collection.

EASY & EDUCATIONAL:  you simply pick three from our cocktail list and we serve you a sample along with each recipe.  Then if you wish you can order a full sized version and visit our Teaching Bar to have our Bourbon Educator teach you step-by-step how to make it as they make yours.

NOTE – because we only use fresh ingredients and all juices are squeezed each day – so please check our schedule for the hours that we are serving cocktail flights.  

WE EVEN TEACH YOU THE SUGAR LEVEL-  After the type of whiskey used in your cocktail the next most important decision is what level of sweetness you want in your cocktail.   As it turns out meaning sugar level or BRIX as it’s called – can be challenging when you have alcohol present.  To solve this challenge we have a special piece of equipment that measures the sugar level and makes it easy for you to learn and pick the sweetness level you prefer.