Custom Bourbon Distillery Experience

Journey to the Golden Age of Whiskey 


The Custom Bourbon Private Table Experience is our flagship offering.  It takes you back in time to the 1800s when all bourbon was customized to each customer’s individual tastes. 

The total experience takes about an hour.

$35.00 per person

Custom Bourbon Private Table Experience


At the request of guests – we’ve made the Private Table Experience open to Bring Your Own Food.  You can bring it with you or simply order in from your favorite food delivery service.  You can enjoy it during or after your experience.  Our bar sells by the glass: Bourbon, Cocktails, Beer and Wine.

Learn Whiskey History

Join our Founder, Doug Hall, through our interactive video or live experience where you will learn the incredible history of whiskey.

Bourbon Blending Example

Taste Award-Winning Bourbon

Taste six award-winning single wood bourbons and four cocktails!

Bourbon Blending Example

Create Your Bourbon

At the end of both experiences, you will have blended your bourbon to your tastes.

How the Easy & Fun Process Works

Step 1: Reserve your Private Table Experience

Embark on a private table-party experience with your group at our Distillery at the Eureka! Ranch.   Each group can have one designated driver and 2 – 5 participants.  To reserve your table, your reservation must be paid upon booking. Upon completion of the reservation, guests will receive a booking confirmation email and an email containing safety guidelines.

Step 2: 1800’s Custom Bourbon Experience – Designed SAFE For Peace of Mind

When you arrive at our distillery your group will be escorted to a private table in the Great Room at the Eureka! Ranch.  It’s an epic space with 30 foot stone fireplace and a wall of windows looking out to the lake out back.  Importantly – ALL TABLES ARE 10 FEET APART to give everyone peace of mind! 

Your group has it’s own video tablet and speaker that guides you step by step through the tasting.  This gives you TOTAL CONTROL – you can start, stop, replay as you wish.   

From the video you will…

    • LEARN about the 1800s when Bourbon was Born
    • TASTE “Great Oak” bourbons – 200 Year, European & American Oak
    • TASTE “Artisan” bourbons – Cherry Wood, Maple Wood, Smoked Oak
    • LEARN “the art & science” of Master Bourbon Blending
    • CREATE Your Personal Bourbon! 

IMPORTANTLY – Our Bourbon Experts are available to help you and answer any questions.

Step 3: Bonus Tasting Flight Offering While You Wait for YOUR BOURBON

At the end of the experience you can purchase your PRIVATE STOCK Bourbon bottle – complete with your private blend and brand name.  We will make it while you wait. 

While you are waiting each participant has a choice of a tasting flight of our award winning bourbons and rye  – or three amazing craft cocktails. 

You can enjoy the food you brought after the experience at your table. Our bar sells by the glass  – Bourbon, Cocktails, Beer and Wine.

Incredible Experience Ingredients

Six Award-Winning Bourbons 

You will be equipped with six award-winning bourbons to use as building blocks for blending your recipe to your preferences.

These bourbons all won medals competing against the world’s top whiskeys in the March 2020 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco and the 2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge. 

Custom Bourbon Distillery Experience

Private Table Reservations


Embark on a journey to the 1800s, the Golden Age of whiskey, to learn whiskey history and craft your personal bourbon recipe. Each group will reserve a socially distanced table that is equipped with all of the supplies needed for the experience. This private table-party experience was created to ensure safety for everyone all while giving every guest the option to leave with a bottle of their Private Stock Bourbon recipe!

$35.00 per person

Looking to do an event for your company or larger group?

Testimonials from Experience Attendees…

We enjoyed an evening full of great tasting whiskey and wonderful conversation. Peter and Mackenzie are so very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I learned so much about whiskey in general and their own unique process. Although we didn't take the make your own blend tour, we were able to answer questions online and have the AI blend our perfect whiskey. We decided to stick with the pros, however, and took home a few bottles! Tall Stacks is a three wood smoked bourbon that is complex with a long lasting taste. It's wonderful.Highly recommend the experience if only for the wonderful hospitality.
Steve V
Excellent quality whiskey and a unique and fun blending experience. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Big Brain is my favorite distillery!
Calvin Holloway S.
Really a Great experience. Highly recommend! Very knowledgeable staff and cool introduction to finding your pallet for bourbon.
Marissa C.
This is such a unique experience! Get to make your own bottle of bourbon based on what you like! The barn is full of wonderful one of a kind pieces and Knick knacks to explore. This is such a good deal for only $35 to taste 6 nationally ranked bourbons, make your own custom flavor and try and 3 tier whiskey or cocktail flight. $45 to order a custom bottle and it gets made right in front of you. The best part is trying to name your new flavor. This is a great family owned business to support.
Milan D.
Very cool experience. A really fun place with a super kind staff. Definitely check it out!
Katrina Stipe B.
Watching my son and spouse blend their custom bourbon has been fascinating. Such fun watching them create… and evaluate their creations. Great experience.

Shout out to the EXCELLENT BBCW host.
Joe F.
We had a great experience. Might possibly have found my new favorite brand of bourbon! I love high end expensive bourbons, and this place goes head to head with the big brand names for a much better value. Most importantly, my wife only drinks seltzers, and this experience converted her to really enjoy whiskey. Big win for me, thank you!!!
Amber P.
So much fun to make our own craft bottle! Great experience!
David V.
Had a great experience make my own custom whiskey. Staff was friendly and very helpful.
Steve M.
What a fantastic experience!! Ryan was absolutely outstanding. It was my second time doing this. I had my daughter and her friend (both very novice to the whiskey world) and they LOVED it. Highly recommend!!
Dwayne E.
Awesome experience. Great staff. Lots of fun.
Dustin O.
Went for our first time. We’ve done bourbon blending experiences before at other distilleries. This was very laid back, low stress, self-paced. If you’re looking for constant feedback and host interactions, this is not for you. If you have at least the basics down about bourbon, are independent and want to focus on just the experience and those you are with, this is for you. Very efficient and Ryan AND Ryan were very helpful and courteous along the way. Definitely recommend!
Debbie Norris B.
Great experience! We will be back!
Steph H.
Best gift ever!!Nephew's 60th Birthday! 1for him and 3 more to share!Everyone loved it. Planning a visit to Brain Brew to let everyone experiencethe fun and Whiskey made for each person.Thanks!
Jeanne S.
We did the online questionnaire to create a custom blend of whiskey. it tastes fantastic. Exactly as described. We are looking forward to do the experience in person!
Garald A.
Loved the experience, something totally different from the regular distillery tour and a neat way to craft your own!!
Joe P.
Very cool craft bourbon concept - definitely worth checking out. The bourbon blending experience is novel & very fun and the base bourbon they use in the process is absolutely delicious. Just picked up my bottle of Dexter and it is very tasty.
Eric L.
What an awesome, unique experience!! If you like whiskey this is a “can’t miss!” must-do experience!
Joe K.
It was a great experience
James D.
awesome experience created my own online when I picked up had the pleasure of talking to one of the owners, and learned a lot can't wait to go back and do a tasting with friends.
Michael D.
This was a very fun and interesting experience. Very intriguing how they create the flavors and it was really an experience blending your own personal taste. Highly recommended.
Timothy S.
OM GOODNESS!! I had the experience of my life blending my own custom whiskey, and OH, BOY is it good!! The best whiskey in Cincinnati!!
James H.
This was a great experience and the staff was amazing and friendly. I will definitely do this again and highly recommend it to everyone I know.
Stephanie H.
We had an awesome time here. Ryan was an amazing host for our table and was so knowledgeable about the different bourbons. We will be back for another fun evening
Judy T.
Brain Brew Custom Whiskey . Newton Ohio . Don’t miss this fun experience of testing and mixing your own Bourbon . We took my nephew there for a graduation present . It was a fun and unique experience .
Barbara B.
The testing and blending of the bourbons was so much fun. It was packed with a bit of history too. Very much enjoyed myself and I am not a bourbon drinker. I think whether you drink bourbon or not, this is an exceptional experience to have.
Colleen Nance B.
Great time. learned a lot. Ryan was a great host! Will definitely be back!
Matt S
Great experience. I have done many Bourbon tastings with master distillers. All were good. But this one, even when using a video guide, was fun. It was interesting to play with flavors and mix them. Can’t wait to drink the custom crafted bottle. Unlike anything I had done previously.
Response from the owner: Matt, thank you for your support and cheers to having your personal bourbon recipe!
Theresa Meiser O.
great experience allowing you to personalize your "brew".... and their house brands are great too!
Sue G.
Fun learning experience. Very educational and coaching tasting with one of their best employees!