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Wedding & On-Trade Whiskey 


Bars & Restaurants

Chef Jean-Robert de Cavel’s bourbon won a Silver Medal at the ADI Competition.

Just like before prohibition – your venue can now serve its own bourbon.  Just like some bars are doing, each of your top bartenders can have their own bourbon.

Best of all, instead of having to buy 300 bottles with a barrel pick, you can buy your recipe, a bottle or a case at a time.

Also, instead of having a product that is a minor difference from the mass market product, your product can be truly unique through the wonder of WoodCraft™ Finishing.

Instead of having a corporate whiskey brand name on it, you can have YOUR name and image on the bottle.

Contact our Brain Brew Master Bourbon Blenders today to work with you and your team on your own personal Bourbon(s).

If you order 12 bottles, you can have custom artwork on your bottle. 

Brides & Grooms

Many templates to choose from – with and without photos. 

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, nothing matches a super-premium bourbon that has been specially crafted by the Bride and Groom.    

Instead of simply sticking a label on someone else’s bourbon, you get to ACTUALLY CRAFT your personal recipe.

The Brain Brew Crew are experts at crafting bourbon wedding cocktails that are LOVED by bourbon and non-bourbon lovers – so everyone can enjoy the special drink.

We work with your wedding venue to legally and cost-effectively get your bourbon served at your reception. 

You even create a custom design.