Tall Stacks Smoked Bourbon


Tall Stacks is WoodCraft™ finished with hickory, apple and cherry woods to create a unique American twist on smoked whiskey. Instead of peat smoke this whiskey has a taste of a barbecue smoke. Tall Stacks is perfect with barbecue food, a great cigar or in smoked whiskey cocktails. 

The taste is of caramel, vanilla, malt and oak with a long sweet smoky finish.

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Make the Smoke Storm™ Cocktail

A Brain Brew Twist on a Bourbon & Coke

15% Alc.   13 Brix (sugar level)


STEP 1: Add to Glass

     • 1 oz of Tall Stacks

     • 1/2 oz of Grand Marnier

     • 3 oz of Coke or Diet Coke

     • 3 Drops of Orange Bitters

STEP 2: Add Ice

     • Stir gently

STEP 3: Garnish

    • Wipe rim with orange