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We create, develop and validate innovations for Spirit Companies.  

Our innovations are available for purchase or licensing.

We have two Innovation Collections that could help you grow your business.

Custom Bourbon Experiences
Bourbon at Home



    1. NEW BOURBONS that require 90% less working capital investment
    2. ULTRA PREMIUM Quality with Meaningfully Unique Taste
    3. FASTER SPEED TO MARKET – Up to 10X Faster versus Traditional Distilleries
    4. LOWER COST – WoodCraft Technology Reduces Aging Costs by 35%
    5. VODKA / GIN Product Flexibility to Grow and Pivot with Wood Aged Spirits


#1 WoodCraft Finishing

  • Proven to turn 1 & 2 year Spirits into Ultra Premium grade Bourbon / Rye
  • Wins 60/40+ in blind taste tests against products costing twice as much
  • World Class Ultimate Spirits Scores of 94, 95, 95, 95, 97
  • Perfect for Bourbon, Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Agave & Brandy
  • Marketplace validated with consumers and for scalability (37,000 9 liter)

#2 WoodCraft Nature Flavored

  • Using natural botanicals creates “fresher & more natural tasting” Spirits
  • Wins 75/25 against top ultra premium flavored Rum
  • Perfect for Gin, Rum, Whiskey and all other flavored Spirits

#3 WoodCraft Smoked

  • Very Innovative “Smoke Distillation” System
  • Allows for the crafting of meaningfully unique taste profiles
  • Small batch release went from $50 to $200 on secondary market
  • Perfect for Gin, Rum, Whiskey and all other flavored Spirits


  • WOW Line Extensions for your established Brands  
  • INTERNATIONAL – Customized Taste, Lower Cost + Higher Profitability Products 
  • NEW BRANDS – Portfolio of 16 Validated New Brand Opportunities 
  • RETAILERS – Ultra Fast Brand Development of Exclusive Brands


  • Patents & Trade Secrets Provide World Wide Protection 
  • WoodCraft & Bottling Capacity for 260,000 9 liter cases
  • Saves $40 million in working capital for a 50,000 case aged brand

Successful WoodCraft Brands


WoodCraft Custom Spirits return Spirits to their roots in the 1800’s when Barrel Blenders in the USA and even John Walker In Scotland, customized Whiskey, Rye and other Spirits to a customer’s taste preference.


    1. The ability to 10X your “on premise” Spirit sales by offering custom Spirits by the glass.  It works with Bourbon, Whiskey, Rum, Brandy, Gin and even Red Wine.
    2. The ability to create amazing direct to consumer experiences at on premise locations, brand showcases, duty free or even pop up brand boutiques.  NOTE:  WoodCraft Custom Bourbon is the #1 rated Bourbon attraction in  Louisville, Kentucky on Google.  
    3. The ability to profitably create and sell Custom Bottles direct to consumers.  

The visual below is a quick prototype of what the on premise WoodCraft Custom Blending Machines might look like for your Brands.   

Three Innovations That Make Custom Spirits Possible

  1. Artificial Intelligence Spirit Wizards – Artificial Intelligence App, created by our sister company, Eureka! Ranch.  Consumers answer 13 questions and voila! They have their own personal Spirit recipe complete with tasting notes and customized cocktail recipes. Click here to try it for Bourbon yourself.

  2. WoodCraft Blending Machine – A compact and highly reliable 12 by 12 inch footprint blending machine that uses medical grade peristaltic pumps for accuracy, speed and reliability.  The bartender simply scans the customers QR code on customers phone and voila custom Spirits by the glass.
    • IT Is REALLY FAST – Bartenders can pour 100 custom Bourbons an hour
    • IT Makes FLIGHTS Possible – Pours a flight of 3 Bourbons in 12 seconds
  3. WoodCraft Custom Spirits – Consumers custom Bourbons, Whiskies or Rum are created by blending six 92 point plus Bourbons.  They are crafted from highly profitable 1 year Bourbon – WoodCraft Finished 200 Year Oak,    European Oak, American Oak, Cherry Wood, Maple Wood and Smoked Oak. Custom Gin’s are made using our  WoodCraft Nature Flavored Technology. 

Importantly, it’s easy and legal.  On premise establishments lease the machine and distributors deliver the bottles for creating custom Spirits.  Labeling issues have been resolved over many months of back and forth with the TTB and Control States.

Brain Brew Innovations are made possible because of a first in the industry commitment to applying the System thinking of Dr. W. Edwards Deming to Spirit Innovations.  This enables speed to market up to 10X faster than traditional best practices according to the Finance department at one of the most respected international whiskey companies.

5 Minute Case Study on The Brain Brew Way:   Click the image below to view a short video by The Deming Institute on our heritage and how we innovate.

FREE BOURBON INNOVATION BOOK OFFER:  Get a FREE Review Copy of my latest book, out this Spring.  It details the Systems we use to work smarter, faster and more creatively.  Click here to provide your mailing address and to have a book mailed to you.

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Doug Hall – Co-Founder & CEO

  • Doug is a chemical engineer by eduction.  He worked in Brand Management at Procter & Gamble, rising to the rank of Master Inventor.  While at P&G, he applied the “System Thinking” of Dr. W. Edwards Deming to innovation.  This enabled Doug’s P&G Invention Team to ship a record 9 disruptive innovations in 12 months!
  • After 10 years, Doug retired from P&G and founded Eureka! Ranch in Cincinnati, that helps the world’s top innovators such as Nike, Walt Disney, American Express and thousands more.  In the Spirits industry, he’s helped Diagio and Edrington (The Macallan) for 30+ years.
  • A few years ago Doug co-founded Brain Brew Ventures 3.0 with Joe Girgash.  The company’s first collaboration partner was Edrington.  Doug & Joe lead the team that invented, produced and scaled Noble Oak for Edrington – one of the most successful new super premium Bourbons in the USA.
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EASY NEXT STEP:  The easy way to learn more is to call or text Doug Hall at 513-310-6374. 

I’m happy to do a tasting and/or a demonstration of the WoodCraft Custom Blending  Machine.