Journey to the Golden Age of Bourbon 

Learn Whiskey History, Taste Award-Winning Bourbon & Create Your Bourbon



Experience for Four People

This home experience will teach up to four people the history of whiskey creation in our guided interactive experience and teach you how to create your own bourbon.  

WoodCraft Home Party Kit

Use Six Award-Winning Bourbons 

Next, you will use six award-winning bourbons to use as building blocks for blending your recipe to your preferences.

These bourbons all won medals competing against the world’s top whiskeys in the March 2020 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco. 

Create Your Recipe & Order

After creating your personal recipe, create your brand name and with just a click, you can purchase a made-to-order bottle of your personal bourbon.


Bourbon Blending at Home!

The WoodCraft Custom Bourbon Home Party Kit includes enough bourbon for up to four people to craft their personal bourbon recipes! 

Each kit includes six award-winning bourbons, all bourbon blending materials needed and access to the experience interactive video.