Custom Bourbon Kit

Journey to the Golden Age of Bourbon 

Learn Whiskey History, Taste Award-Winning Bourbon & Create Your Bourbon Recipe

The Custom Bourbon HOME PARTY KIT is the HOME VERSION of our popular Distillery Experience.  It contains everything you need to hold TWO Custom Bourbon Experiences with FOUR PEOPLE each time.  You are guided through it via a VIDEO on the internet.



Step 1: Set Up Your Private Home Event

Open your kit and set up your experience for each person.

It includes everything you need:

    • VIDEO LINK where you learn history, tasting and bourbon blending
    • THREE “Great Oak” bourbons – 200 Year, European & American Oak
    • THREE “Artisan” bourbons – Cherry Wood, Maple Wood, Smoked Oak
    • TASTING Mat & Journal – to make it easy to create your bourbon
    • BLENDING Ladles – that make it easy and fun to blend your bourbon
    • CUPS – For tasting and blending

Step 2: 1800’s Custom Bourbon Experience

Link your computer, tv or tablet to the Internet video – using the details in the kit. 

Play the video – You have TOTAL CONTROL – you can start, stop, replay as you wish.   

From the video you will…

    • LEARN about the 1800s when Bourbon was Born
    • TASTE “Great Oak” bourbons – 200 Year, European & American Oak
    • TASTE “Artisan” bourbons – Cherry Wood, Maple Wood, Smoked Oak
    • LEARN “the art & science” of Master Bourbon Blending
    • CREATE Your Personal Bourbon!
Custom Bourbon Home Party Kit

Step 3: CREATE A Cocktail with Your Bourbon / Order Your Bottle

After you’ve created your personal bourbon – you can go online to BUY your custom bourbon blend with your choice of brand name. 

You can also use the Mixing Cup in your kit – to make a full sized pour of your custom bourbon to enjoy neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail.   Our favorite cocktail is the original 1862 Old Fashioned:

1.5 Ounces of YOUR BOURBON
3 Drops of Bitters
1 teaspoon of Simple Syrup

Stir with ice and enjoy!