Bottling & Incubator 

Finishing, Bottling, Research and Brand Development

Our sister companies, WoodCraft Bourbon Blender & the Eureka! Ranch, offer distilleries, retailers and entrepreneurs the ability to create their own award-winning super premium or luxury quality bourbon, rye or whiskey products and/or brand development.  

METHODOLOGY:  Our approach to spirit industry is called Customer Driven Concurrent Development – CDCD.  A white paper explaining the methodology is available by clicking here.   Among our clients are both start up entrepreneurs and some of the world’s largest spirit companies. 


  • Full INCUBATOR Services:  You provide the business objective and or creative vision and we can do everything else required to create, refine and validate your project via consumer and on-trade research and micro testing results. Basically, everything defined below. 
  • Contract WoodCraft Finishing:  We work with you to create your own Super Premium or Luxury Bourbon, Rye or Whiskey from your spirits or ours.  
  • Contract Bottling:  We have three bottling lines (manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic) that can grow with you as your business grows.  Each line is specially designed to allow for maximum flexibility in packaging without high “change over” costs.
  • Rapid Research: We can provide qualitative or quantitative Rapid Research of your product candidates so to increase your odds of competition and marketplace success.  Testing includes Sensory Product Testing (single product & paired comparison) and brand positioning and or packaging or brand name testing.  All test methods are marketplace validated by multi-national corporations and through academic articles / protocols.   With our sister company The Eureka! Ranch we have the world’s largest database of consumer test results on spirit products and new to the world product concepts.    
  • Brand & Packaging Development: With 40+ years of experience creating brands and packaging our team can lead Eureka! Inventing projects and Create Sessions with you, your team and or investors to create the proper branding for your team.   Our positioning and packaging team has been named by Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CBC and CNBC as one of America’s Top New Product Invention Teams.