The Cincinnati Riverboat Collection

Old Dexter

Easy Drinking Whiskey

Taste: Subtle, yet complex, lightly spiced and oak forward with a very smooth finish.

Similar to: Maker’s Mark, Buffalo Trace & Bulleit Bourbon

Paddle Wheel Bourbon

Luxury Bourbon

Taste: Rich, complex dark fruit, sherry, caramel with a long vintage finish.

Similar to: Elijah Craig Small Batch and Blanton’s

Deckhand Whiskey

Big & Bold Rye Whiskey 

Taste: Dried cherry, current and honey with dark spices.

Similar to: Sazerac Rye 

Tall Stacks Whiskey

BBQ Smoked Bourbon

Taste: Caramel, vanilla malt & oak with a long sweet smokey finish

Similar to: High West Campfire Whiskey


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