Cocktail Home Party Kit
Bourbon Blending Home Party

The Teach Teach Me My Cocktail – Home Party

Learn and create cocktails from the comfort of your home!

Learn Six Cocktail Categories 

Learn six of the world’s most popular whiskey cocktail categories!

Manhattan – Old Fashioned – Sours – High Ball – Tiki – Fun & Funky

Cocktail Journey for Four

Discover your cocktail preferences with three other people using our patent-pending measuring ladles and taste over 150 – 200 micro cocktails!

Cocktail Expert Guides

Gain access to six interactive videos led by our Master Mixologist to guide you through creating and learning about creating cocktails!

“Wow – not only was this kit a great experience for our family,

it comes with enough whiskey to make over 150 micro cocktails!” 

– John C, May 2020 

This Kit Includes

1. Access to Six Signature Interactive Videos

2. Three Award-Winning Whiskeys

3. Six Brain Brew Cocktail Mats

4. Mixing Cups

5. Two Sets of Measuring Ladles

6. Instructions and Tips from Whiskey Experts 


Please note, under Ohio Law, all products must be picked up at our bottle shop at the Eureka! Ranch open Monday – Saturday, 9am-5pm.

The Teach Me My Cocktail Home Experience Kit 


Craft Cocktails Your Way

First, buy the fresh ingredients stated in our ingredients list for your desired cocktail category. Next, set up the tasting mat that corresponds with the evening of cocktails you decide. Once your mat and tasting cups are set up, using your online code, turn on the cocktail category video and let our Master Mixologist do the rest! He will explain cocktail variations and teach you how to create cocktails to your preferences!

Instead of making full-size drinks, our patent-pending micro cocktail measuring ladles allow you to measure miniature cocktails that are 10% of the normal size.  This means you can craft ten variations of flavor, sweetness level, alcohol level, etc., for the same cost as one classic cocktail! 

All together, there are six interactive videos where you will learn how to customize the six major styles of cocktails including their classic recipes and variations. In total, you will learn 40 different cocktails over six evenings! 

The six evenings explore the following cocktail categories and their variations:

1) Old Fashioned

2) Sours

3) Manhattan

4) High Ball

5) Beach Bar Tiki

6) Fun and Funky 

Helpful Tips & Product Details

Before starting the home experience, make sure you have what’s needed on the ingredients list for the experience you are doing:  the oranges, lemons, sparkling water, etc. The ingredients list is provided with each kit including the cups, measures and the award-winning whiskies. 

Once equipped with all the necessary ingredients, the home experience begins with an introduction video that participants access online. Brain Brew Founder, Doug Hall, and Master Mixologist, Phillip Kurtz, explore the cocktail style, giving participants tips and perspective on making master cocktails.

After the video, participants are instructed to begin the experience and will take away the confidence of crafting cocktails to their preferences!

The kit includes enough whiskey to make 150 to 200 MICRO Cocktails. Award-winning whiskies include: 

  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020 GOLD MEDAL  – Old Dexter an Easy Drinking 4 Grain Whiskey (375 ml)
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020 DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL  – Deckhand  – a 5 Wood Rye Whiskey (375 ml)
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020 GOLD MEDAL – Tall Stacks – a 3 Wood Smoked Bourbon Whiskey (200 ml)

Please note, under Ohio Law, all products must be picked up at our bottle shop at the Eureka! Ranch open Monday – Saturday, 9am to 5pm.