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Hand Sanitizer Inquiries

Donations and profits from our award-winning bourbons & whiskies go toward covering expenses for bottles, cartons, raw materials and when necessary hiring part-time staff to help with bottling and labeling.

Our Mission for Supporting 

Cincinnati – Ohio – Kentucky – Indiana 

In mid March, we announced to a sold out crowd in our tasting room that our Cincinnati Riverboat whiskies & bourbons had just won: Double Gold, two Golds and a Silver Medal. AND – our luxury bourbon for the fall achieved a 5 star review from Paul Pacult, the highest award ever given to a bourbon!

Two days later, we closed our tasting room. Five days later, we manufactured and donated our first case of hand sanitizer.

Today, our dream is to ship 2,000,000 ounces of hand sanitizer by July 1st.

This can only happen by working together with our friends across Cincinnati. THANK YOU to the 500+ people who have volunteered or donated at BrainBrewWhiskey.com or our bottle shop. THANK YOU to the 300+ essential front line workers who share amazing stories with us. THANK YOU to our incredible partners: Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Edrington, Procter & Gamble / Safeguard, Steinhauser, CVG Airport, BCI, and Verst Logistics.

This is the Planet Eureka! – ideas for a better world – community outreach initiative for Brain Brew Whiskey and our sister company the Eureka! Ranch.

Importantly, our Hand Sanitizer is in full compliance – we are registered with and our label is approved by the FDA. Our product is denatured and primarily packaged in plastic bottles as requested by Cincinnati hospitals and health care providers.

The Eureka! Ranch Tasting Room turned into a hand sanitizer packaging facility.

The Planet Eureka! Foundation

The Planet Eureka! Foundation leads community outreach for Brain Brew and Eureka! Ranch. Explore all of the initiatives that the foundation spearheads to support our community. 

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Planet Eureka!’s Reach

So far, we have had the opportunity to support the following organizations by donating our hand sanitizer:

Hand sanitizer donated by Proctor & Gamble. 

Special Thanks

A special thank you to the following organizations for supporting our cause. Procter & Gamble, thank you for your donation of ten 55 Gallon Drums of hand sanitizer that we are bottling for distribution. Steinhauser, thank you for donating labels and packaging equipment. La Soupe and Big Ash Brewery, thank you for providing volunteers to help with labeling.

Please Stay Safe

Doug Hall for the

Brain Brew & Eureka! Ranch Teams