Custom Cocktail Home Party Kit


Embark on a journey to the 1800s to experience the Golden Age of Cocktails. This home party kit is an interactive journey for up to four people to learn cocktail history, cocktail fundamentals and to create custom cocktails to their tastes!

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Experience Summary

Every person tastes differently and when ordering world-class cocktails a top bartender would ask you a few questions regarding your preferences prior to making your drink. This kit is designed to enable you to create cocktails to YOUR tastes. You will learn cocktail fundamentals and we will walk you through customizing a class Old Fashioned to your tastes. After that, we will introduce three more cocktails for you to explore, teach you pro tips and enable you to create cocktails with almost any ingredients that you have on hand!

The Interactive Experience Agenda

  1. Learn Cocktail Fundamentals
  2. Customize Your Old Fashioned
  3. Learn Pro Tips for Crafting World-Class Cocktails
  4. Customize Three More Cocktails to Your Tastes:
    • Discover Your Modern Old Fashioned
    • Discover Your Mint Julep
    • Discover Your Whiskey Sour

Kit Contents

  1. Three Award-Winning 200ml Whiskeys
  2. One 50 ml Bottle of 1862 Bitters
  3. Experience Mats for up to Four People
  4. Empty Bottle for Making Simple Syrup
  5. Four Sets of Mixing Cups, Measuring Ladles & Micro Droppers

For Full Experience, You Need to Provide 

  1. Lemon Juice
  2. One Orange
  3. Mint Leaves
  4. 1/2 Cup of Sugar