Please note, we are not selling our hand sanitizer at this time. Donate below to help us produce more hand sanitizer to give away to first responders in the Cincinnati Tri-State Area. For all other hand sanitizer inquires, click here

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Dear Friends of Brain Brew Custom Whiskey,

As you might have learned on social media, our distillery team and the folks at our sister company Eureka! Ranch decided 10 days ago to make hand sanitizer and to give it away to essential front line workers and responders. 

What we didn’t know was that there was a massive demand.  Hospitals, healthcare workers, food providers, fire departments, police departments, animal shelters - came flocking to us looking for hand sanitizer.  Cases were gone on Monday in 4 hours.   

People asked to pay for it.  We said it’s our gift to the community for the incredible support we’ve received.  Many insisted that they wanted to do something to help us make it bigger.  So we set up a button on our Brain Brew and Eureka! Ranch website and people started to donate.   The Steinhauser printing company called to say they’d like to donate the labels for our bottles.   And just today, a guy drove to our distillery just to give us $20 to help us produce and give away more hand sanitizer.

With the support we received, we purchased raw materials (coming in next week) for 8,000 more liters.  I’m concerned that even this won’t be enough. And in the past 72 hours the cost of raw materials has tripled! 

The good news is by not taking a profit on it - and avoiding retail margins - and donating labor - we can have an incredible impact.

Even with the price increases, your donation of at least $10 towards hand sanitizer raw materials can…

  • Keep firefighters at a fire station safe for a week
  • Keep home health care workers serving 1,000 patients safe for a day
  • Keep the staff at 5 takeout restaurants safe for a week
  • Keep a no-kill animal shelter safe for a week
  • Keep staff at a senior citizens home safe for 4 days
  • Keep a hospital ward safe for 24 hours

Thank you for whatever you can do.

As Admiral Peary, the first man to the North Pole, said…  We shall find a way or make a way…  Your support helps a TON!

Doug Hall
on behalf of the Brain Brew & Eureka! Ranch teams

p.s. Keep an eye out for new “Home Editions” of our Custom Bourbon Experience and our new Custom Cocktail Experience.   The profits from your purchases will as you’d expect - enable us to produce and give away more hand sanitizer!